Book Tales: October Edition

Book Tales: October Edition

This October Uganda celebrated her 58th independence and I celebrated by reading books by Ugandan authors. I had planned to read four books but I ended up reading only three because the month manifested opportunities that required me to work, work, and work some more. I had to learn balance on a whole new level this month.

This is the third edition of book tales. Check out edition one and two. Books one and two are standalone but book three is an anthology by Ibua Journal and has stories by writers from Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria, Egypt, and many more. Find the review here.

Here are my October reads;

Prodigal Love by Paul Kisakye

Paul starts off the book with a thought-provoking chapter “where is God?’’ As a Christian, I related to this chapter since I constantly wondered why there was/is so much death, suffering, hunger, corruption, and many filthy things in the world. I questioned whether God really loved me and the world. I moved on a conditional kind of love with God yet we were told in church that His love is unconditional.

Chapter two explicitly paints a picture of how love died. I have read the story of Jesus’s crucifixion, watched the movie but never had a vivid picture painted for me as Paul did. I felt it. I saw it. I saw Jesus struggle to breathe, I felt the spikes go through his body. I felt the emotions He must have felt that day.

The book gives a run-down of what love is, what it means to live as God`s beloved, and answers the biggest question many Christians ask, why do bad things happen to good people aka the Job syndrome. He carefully explains that and gives scriptural back up to answer this question.

It was a beautiful read. I learned and unlearned things. I had a lot of AHA!! moments. I highly recommend the book.

Can we talk about the book cover for a minute? Do you know how pigs are dirty and filthy? That is sort of how we are when we are in sin but God still welcomes us home, cleans us up and we look as clean as that pig on the book cover. πŸ˜‚ God`s love is extremely outrageous and unconditional.

To get a copy of the book, reach out to Paul Kisakye on Facebook:@Paul Kisakye

Man On Top By Jeremy Byemanzi

It was the book cover for me. Long before I delved into the contents of the book, I took time analysing the cover. The muscular man with sunglasses, a cap, and a body that clearly goes to the gym. He gave off 50 cent vibes and he sure did look like a man on top of the world, his game, and everything in between. Then I decided to open up the book and read about the Man on Top and boy was I surprised. The book cover demystifies the stereotypes of what men on top should be or appear to be in our world today. The author shares his perspective of what a man on top is from God`s perspective.

This book is a guide for men by a man who is living out his life as a man on top. Jeremy shares “lessons on his journey to manhood.’’ Lessons that are cleverly woven into eleven Ws. Each W stands for a lesson; W for a wingman, W for Withdraw, W for Wilderness, W for Wardrobe, W for woman, etc.  He emphasizes the fact that men need men to teach them and I strongly agree. The insights he shares are things many men grapple with and the women in their lives also struggle to tell them about. How about getting this book and giving it to the men in your life and let another man do the talking for you?

The world tells us we need to have the looks of Denzel Washington, the body of Christiano Ronaldo, the voice of Idris Elba, and the wealth and power of Tony Stark.’’-Jeremy Byemanzi

Want to know who a man on top is? Get yourself a copy of this gem. Ladies, you need it too, since society, E-news and music videos have defined who a man on top is.

To get a copy of Man on Top, reach out to Jeremy Byemanzi on Facebook and Twitter.

What book did you read in October? Have you read any of the books on my list?

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