Book Review: Trumpet by Jackie Kay

Book Review: Trumpet by Jackie Kay

Trumpet (1998) by Jackie Kay a Scottish writer is a startling, surprising read about Joss Moody, a successful trumpet player with a secret that threatens to end his career therefore it must be bandaged at all costs.

The opening of the novel is catchy and leaves one curious for more but the middle is soggy and slows down the book. Nevertheless, I enjoyed exploring the world of Joss Moody through his family and friends. I wanted to be at the bars he played at with him and experience the euphoria of jazz music.

When one dies, we get to know them through the people who encountered them while they were still living. Through Moody`s wife and family, we learn of his desire and love for jazz and his trumpet; the son-father relationship. We also gain an understanding of Moody through his friends-the band mates. Was music all he lived for? Did he summon special air when he played the trumpet?

The downside to this is that I wished to hear Joss Moody speak. I wish he had carried the story and not the family and friends.

Jackie Kay knits a memorable story that explores sexuality and identity, loss, grief, memory and racism.

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