5 Tips for a Successful Blogger Collaboration

5 Tips for a Successful Blogger Collaboration

I love blogger collaborations. They spice up your blog, give you more reviewers from the other bloggers, and you get to connect with amazing content creators beyond your boundaries. Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common purpose.

In October, I ran a blogger collaboration with ten amazing bloggers from Uganda as Uganda celebrated 58 years of independence. My Ugandan Story series is by far my favorite on the blog, away from the book tales.

Here are my five tips for a successful blogger collaboration;

Know the end from the beginning. This is the planning phase. Think through the idea, draft a write-up, or call for submission that clearly explains the idea and why you are reaching out to that particular blogger. Remember to include timelines for submission, when to share the series or blog post. This is the call that you will send out to bloggers with whom you want to connect.

Identify the bloggers you want to work with and reach out to them on the available platforms. Identify as many as possible who fit into your project because some will say no due to life`s demands, and others will say yes but might not come through. Having a long list works in your favour. For my Ugandan Story series, I reached out to over ten bloggers, and I am glad that ten said yes to it.

Prepare to put in the hard work especially when the submissions come in. You will need to edit the work and tailor it to your blog standards. But don`t forget to involve the creators of the work in the process. I made changes to different articles, and I would email the writers and ask if the changes made were okay with them. I did this out of respect for their craft and creativity but also, I appreciated the time they were putting into my project.

Curating the blog articles. Organizing the blog articles is quite the task. You need to identify which article kick-starts the series, ends it, which one comes in the middle, on what days, and when to post. Will you be doing a miniseries or one-offs for guest bloggers? Know all of this and work around it.

Share and tag contributors. Upon sharing the blog articles on the specific days, be sure to tag the contributors, and also follow them across social media. Grow together.

Bonus tip, if your article has been shared on a website, be sure to reblog it on your site (content for you too, and remember to show where it appeared first and what it was a part of). Comment on the article when it is shared on the site but also across social media. Engagement is king.

Happy blogger collaboration.

If you have been hosted or have participated in blogger collaborations, please share your tips and experience.

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