5 romcoms to read this Valentine`s day

5 romcoms to read this Valentine`s day

Am I the only one who thinks that Valentine`s day should be a public holiday? And it being on a Monday, it is only fitting that we rest in love and do love-like things like reading romance novels(romcoms) all day long.😅What do you think?

As a book lover, I always slot in romcoms because they are just so good and take away life`s heaviness. They leave one giddy with happiness and passionate longing. Very good signs that you are still human.😉

My recent reads have been absolutely amazing. I highly recommend each book below:

Seven Days in June by Tia Williams (2021)

This novel is both refreshing and intoxicating. I kid you not! Eva and Shane are high on each other and You are guaranteed to join in on the high. Seven Days in June has a beautiful plot that explores pertinent issues in the literary world. It is far cry from the romcoms I read in high school which had shallow plots. The book appeals to your heart and mind. A match made in heaven for those who love with their mind!!

While We Were Dating by Jasmine Guillory (2021)

This novel is simply glorious. Black Hollywood glam meets gorgeous ex-dancer. yum!! Ever `dated’ on the low out of pressure and then you fall for each other hard? This is the kind of vibe While We Were Dating gives you. And I am here for it. The novel also touches on some major issues that modern dating is grappling with; mental health and therapy. It was revitalizing to see a black man-Ben Stephens talk about his emotions in therapy and later with Anna. This will have your toes curling. You will catch yourself smiling at the dialogue. I mean the cover screams read me already!!

The Brown Sisters Series by Talia Hibbert (2019-2021)

The Brown Sisters series is a far cry from the romcoms we read when we were in high school with blue-eyed, rich handsome men saving damsels in distress and riding off into a happily ever after. The series is the epitome of contemporary dating where people have chronic pains and mental health issues; they are workaholics and some are still trying to figure their lives out. But y`all work through it and date. Talk about finding love amidst having low self-esteem or being called a high achiever! The series also represents people of colour on paper. You are guaranteed to see yourself in one or all three sisters Chloe, Dani and Eve Brown on their life and love journeys.

Source: Eliza Lita

PS; It is amazing to read romcoms written by authors of colour.

Happy Valentine`s day!! Dare to Indulge!

Do you read romcoms?

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