5 Movies to watch this Valentine`s Day

5 Movies to watch this Valentine`s Day

Valentine’s coming, where is your boyfriend? Your mates are getting flowers…….🎶🎶 Have you watched that video yet? The sarcasm gets me every time. The love month is here again and I come with movie recommendations.

I thought I would recommend movies that you can watch with your bae or the people you will be spending valentine`s day with. Movies that are guaranteed to have you share your thoughts on love, dating, marriage, and life in general. Get things off your chest. Free therapy session coming right up.

Here we go:

From Scratch (2022 Netflix)

From Scratch is a dream series inspired by Tembi Locke’s memoir of the same name. Believe the hype around this series.

It’s absolutely beautiful and mirrors real love: the kind that swallows you up whole and creates aches in your heart and body. Eish!! You will fall in love with Amy and Lion. You will be reminded about the vitality of family support, starting over and how to manage loss and grief.

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The Wait (2021 Netflix)

The wait is a movie about the facets of faith in the Wait. It depicts scenarios that anyone watching will relate to job hunting after successfully completing school, desire for a baby, desire for marriage, pressure from all corners of life, and miscarriages. It’s fully loaded with one thing-HOPE.

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Finding Hubby (2020 Netflix)

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Finding Hubby is a Nigerian movie about 35-year-old Oyin and her two best friends grappling to find love with the hope of settling down amidst personal and societal expectations and pressure. The movie is laced with humour and provoking plot twists.

Dark Spell (2021)

Listen, I do not believe in that intoxicating kind of love that leaves you high and foolish. Watching Dark Spell cemented my notion. A young woman suffering from a broken marriage and a deep love for her husband casts a spell on him. Why? So he comes back and loves her forever but she did not anticipate that the spell continues even in death!!!

If you are into thrillers, this will work for you and the crew.

The Girl With A Yellow Jumper by Loukman Ali (2020 Netflix)

I added this one for the love of my country Uganda. See Valentine`s day can also be about loving your country. hehe! The movie is by a Ugandan filmmaker Loukman Ali. I loved seeing my people on Netflix; listening to our songs, watching childhood games that are so familiar and the scenic views which spell out home.

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Choose to Netflix and chill with your bae this Valentine`s day.

Comment below with a movie recommendation.

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